Adult Education

Section 186:62

    186:62 Establishment of Other Adult Education Programs. –
I. The state board of education shall promote and encourage other programs of adult and continuing education. The board shall adopt rules, pursuant to RSA 541-A, relative to standards and accreditation of those adult and continuing education programs which involve certification of adult learners at the high school level.
II. These programs shall be administered by the division of learner support. The division shall:
(a) Receive applications from school district officials seeking those funds which have been designated for adult education programs operating within school district auspices and grant funds to school districts for such programs.
(b) Accept grants, gifts and funds for such programs.
(c) Request, receive and expend federal funds for such programs.
III. It is the intent of this subdivision to:
(a) Encourage the development of adult and continuing education programs by persons and organizations operating both within and outside of the public school system and to encourage such persons and organizations to apply for federal or state funds which are available for the support of programs in adult education, continuing education, and community education.
(b) Encourage the use of public school facilities by various educational groups and organizations within the community, subject to those guidelines and policies which might be established by local school boards.
IV. This subdivision should not be construed to:
(a) Restrict through certification or other procedures the ability of individuals or organizations to act in a teaching capacity with respect to adult, continuing, or community education programs for which no diploma or certification is offered.
(b) Extend control over adult or continuing education programs organized by public or private institutions of higher or postsecondary education to the state board of education, except where such programs are already under its jurisdiction.

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