Repair of Highways by Towns

Section 231:62

    231:62 Highway Agents. – Unless the town votes to establish a board of public works commissioners under RSA 38-C to perform the duties of highway agents, at the annual meeting, or less often if a town has so provided pursuant to RSA 231:62-a or 231:62-b, each town shall elect by ballot, or by major vote authorize the selectmen to appoint, one or more highway agents, who, under the direction of the selectmen, shall have charge of the construction, maintenance, and repair of all town highways and bridges and the maintenance and repair of all sidewalks within the town, except as provided in the laws pertaining to state aid for highways and bridges and town road and bridge aid, and shall have authority to employ the necessary men and equipment, and purchase timber, planks, and other material for construction and repair of such highways and bridges; and they may remove gravel, rocks, or other materials from one part of the town to another, doing no damage to adjoining land, for the purpose of grading or otherwise repairing the same. A vote authorizing appointment of highway agents shall continue in effect until changed by major vote at an annual or special meeting.

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