License Reciprocity

Section 263:39-a

    263:39-a License for Aliens Temporarily Residing in New Hampshire. –
I. The director may issue a New Hampshire driver's license to a nonresident alien who is living in New Hampshire on a temporary basis:
(a) For the purposes of attending a public or private educational institution which has a regular faculty, curriculum, and organized body of pupils or students in attendance and is enrolled in such education institution;
(b) For the purposes of engaging in lawful employment, occupational, or business activity, and is engaged in such activity; or
(c) Who is the spouse or child of an alien licensed under this section.
II. The director may require any of the following:
(a) Certification from the foreign government regarding the person's driving record and licensing status.
(b) Submission of social security number, or, if the person does not qualify for such a number, the submission of certification to that effect as is acceptable to the commissioner.
(c) Written or other testing.
(d) Proof of compliance with the conditions set forth in paragraph I.
(e) Proof of identification as may be acceptable to the director.
(f) Proof of previous vehicle operation in the foreign country or proof of completion of an approved driver education course acceptable to the director.
III. The term of the license shall be no longer than 5 years from the date of issuance, and the director may set a lesser term in accordance with the length of the person's residence in New Hampshire.
IV. Nothing in this chapter shall preclude the director from denying a license if the director determines that licensure of the person may be contrary to the public safety. Once licensed, the individual shall be subject to the same provisions of the law as all other licensees. When the person no longer meets the conditions specified in paragraph I, the person shall forthwith return the license to the director and the license shall become invalid.

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