Section 266:1-a

    266:1-a State Police Duties Relative to Vehicle Inspection. –
I. The director of the division of state police, with the approval of the commissioner of safety shall assign a suitable complement of state troopers to assist the director of motor vehicles in enforcing the motor vehicle inspection laws and rules. A state trooper assigned pursuant to this section shall have the powers of a peace officer, certified under RSA 106-L:5, V, and shall have as a primary function statewide enforcement duties related to the inspection process, including inspection station auditing, investigation of alleged inspection station malfeasance, rejected vehicle follow-up, and sticker monitoring. A state trooper assigned under this section shall have the authority to enter any motor vehicle inspection station authorized under RSA 266:1, during the station's business hours, to fulfill his or her duties, and shall be assigned other enforcement duties as determined by the commissioner.
II. The commissioner shall furnish suitable equipment to a state trooper, as the commissioner deems necessary, to carry out his or her duties under this section.

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