Height, Length and Width

Section 266:11

    266:11 Length. –
The driving on ways of this state of any vehicle or combination of vehicles whose length including load exceeds the limitations of this section is hereby prohibited:
I. For a single unit vehicle or a bus, 45 feet including front and rear bumpers.
II. For a semi-trailer in a truck-tractor, semi-trailer combination, 53 feet, except that any semi-trailer in excess of 48 feet shall not be operated if:
(a) The distance between the kingpin and the centerline of the rear axle or the midpoint of a tandem axle of the semi-trailer exceeds 41 feet;
(b) The semi-trailer is not equipped with a rear end protection device of substantial construction consisting of a continuous lateral beam extending to within 4 inches of the lateral extremities of the semi-trailer and located not more than 22 inches from the surface as measured with the semi-trailer empty and on a level surface; and
(c) Operated on highways other than any interstate or defense highway, unless such highway is designated by the commissioner. This shall not preclude movements on highways other than interstate, defense and designated highways for a distance of one mile to terminals, points of pickup and delivery, fuel, repairs, food or rest using the most direct, practical route except if the commissioner precludes such travel for specific safety reasons on individual routes. The commissioner may designate other roads or highways in the state where semi-trailers 53 feet in length or less may be operated. The commissioner may adopt rules pursuant to RSA 541-A to impose further requirements or limitations on semi-trailers of this length.
III. For a semi-trailer or full trailer being driven as part of a combination vehicle with 2 trailing units, 28 feet.
IV. For manufactured housing or modular building transport, 110 feet including the transport vehicle.

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