Height, Length and Width

Section 266:13-c

    266:13-c Exception for Vehicles Being Towed. –
I. The provisions of this subdivision shall not apply to damaged, disabled, or abandoned vehicles or combinations of vehicles being towed by a tow truck for a reasonable distance to the nearest safe haven off the highway. These provisions may be further waived for towing longer distances on a case-by-case basis by special permit.
II. For towing beyond the nearest practicable safe haven as provided in paragraph I, a special overwidth permit shall not be required if the unit, including load, complies with the following conditions:
(a) The unit shall not exceed 13 feet 6 inches in height and 102 inches in width except that where an accident or collision has caused a disfigurement of the disabled unit the width may not exceed 120 inches. Rear view mirrors may extend to a point not in excess of that which affords the driver of the tow truck a view to the rear along both sides of the vehicle.
(b) During daylight hours the disabled unit shall carry warning flags indicating its maximum width. During the hours of darkness the maximum width shall be indicated by lighted clearance lamps.
(c) The combined overall length of the tow truck and disabled, damaged, or abandoned vehicles in tow shall not exceed 150 feet. No single unit tow truck shall exceed 45 feet in overall length. No disabled unit shall exceed the maximum legal or permitted length for each such unit under this subdivision.

Source. 2010, 211:1, eff. Aug. 27, 2010.