Section 266:24-b

    266:24-b Regional Truck Permit Agreement Authorized. –
I. The commissioner of transportation is hereby authorized to execute all documents and perform all other acts necessary to enter into and carry out the provisions of a multi-jurisdictional regional truck permit compact, to be known as the New England truck permit agreement, for oversize non-divisible interstate loads.
II. The purposes of said agreement are to:
(a) Promote and encourage the fullest and most efficient use of the highway system by making uniform among member jurisdictions the administration of overdimensional and overweight permits for non-divisible loads with respect to motor vehicles in interstate operation;
(b) Enable participating jurisdictions to act cooperatively in the issuance of overdimensional and overweight permits and in the collection of appropriate fees; and
(c) Establish and maintain the concept of one administering jurisdiction for each permittee based on the rules established under the agreement.
III. The commissioner of transportation may adopt, pursuant to RSA 541-A, such rules as are necessary to enforce the terms of this agreement, which shall have the effect of law, and which shall provide for each of the member states to collect permit fees and perform audits on behalf of the other member states.

Source. 1988, 245:12, eff. June 29, 1988.