Section 266:24

    266:24 Special Permits. –
I. Any person wishing to move objects having a weight, width, height, or length greater than prescribed by this chapter, or wishing to move vehicle and load of which the weight, width, height, or length cannot be so distributed that it will meet the requirements of this chapter, may apply to the commissioner of transportation for a permit to move said object or said vehicle and load upon a way. The commissioner of transportation, with the approval of the director, may grant a permit for the moving of said object or vehicle and load upon a specified way and at a specified time if, in his opinion, it will not be detrimental to the preservation of the said way and the public use thereof. Provided, that the applicant, if required by said commissioner and director, shall file a bond to cover any possible damage to the ways or to the bridges over which the object or vehicle and load to be moved may pass and shall fulfill such rules as may be prescribed by said commissioner of transportation and director; and further provided that the commissioner of transportation or the director of the division may require a hearing before granting said permit. This section shall not be construed to limit the powers of the commissioner of transportation, selectmen of towns and city council of cities to make rules for the protection and to prevent the abuse of ways and bridges as provided by RSA 236:1, RSA 47:17 and RSA 41:11. Any person who violates the conditions of any permit issued pursuant to this section shall be guilty of a violation.
II. Implements of husbandry shall be exempt from the provisions of paragraph I.
III. The commissioner of transportation shall not grant a permit for the transport of manufactured housing or modular buildings that exceeds the limits established in RSA 266:10, II or RSA 266:11, IV.

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