Lights, Signals, Flashers, Reflectors and Flags

Section 266:39

    266:39 School Bus Stop Signals and Strobe Lights. –
I. The director shall adopt rules pursuant to RSA 260:5 requiring certain school buses to be equipped with automatic flasher-type stop lights located on the front and rear. Said stop lights shall be of such types and designs as approved by said director. No school bus shall be driven upon the ways of the state which does not carry the equipment which may be required by the director under the provisions of this paragraph. It shall be unlawful to operate any flashing warning signal light on any school bus except when any said school bus is stopped on a way for the purpose of permitting school children to board or alight from said school bus.
II. White strobe lights may be permanently mounted on the longitudinal center line of the bus roof. Strobe lights shall be capable of being activated and deactivated by the driver.

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