Section 266:6

    266:6 Driving of Uninspected Vehicles. –
I. The director is hereby authorized to design and issue, under such rules and procedures as he or she shall deem appropriate, a permit to allow the driving of an uninspected vehicle from its location to an inspection station where for good cause shown the person requesting such permit has been unable to comply with the director's rules relating to inspection.
II. The director may provide a telephonic or electronic process whereby a transporter may be issued a special permit to allow the movement of an unladen and uninspected semi-trailer to a disposal facility, a salvage inspection station, or another temporary or permanent location during daylight hours only. The permittee shall certify that the vehicle is of sufficient structural soundness to support the move, and the braking ability of the combination conforms with the provisions of RSA 266:28. The combination shall be equipped with working directional signals, stop lamps, and tail lamps visible from the rear through the use of a light bar or other means.
III. A licensed New Hampshire dealer who purchases an uninspected used vehicle may operate such vehicle from its location at the time of the sale to the dealer's place of business within 24 hours of the date of purchase of such vehicle as shown on the bill of sale, provided that the vehicle is safe for road use.
IV. A licensed New Hampshire repairer may operate a currently registered, uninspected vehicle from a customer's location to the repairer's place of business within 24 hours of obtaining a repair order for the vehicle signed by the registered owner, provided that the vehicle is safe for road use.

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