Emergency Lights and Warning Lights

Section 266:78-h

    266:78-h Amber Warning Lights Authorized for Certain Vehicles. –
No person other than those authorized in this section or in RSA 266:78-c shall operate a vehicle equipped with amber colored warning lights. Amber warning lights are authorized for the following vehicles:
I. Vehicles owned by or leased to state, county, or municipal public works departments and used to maintain the highways including, but not limited to, pickup trucks, snow plows, graders, loaders, sand trucks, sweepers, and tar trucks.
II. Vehicles used by telephone, electrical, and cable utilities and tree services for maintenance of utility, sewer, and water lines.
III. United States Postal Service delivery vehicles.
IV. Wreckers and emergency highway service vehicles.
V. Vehicles escorting oversize loads.
VI. Privately owned vehicles used for snow removal on or adjacent to ways.
VII. Refuse collection vehicles and compacters.
VIII. Vehicles owned by or leased to contractors and construction companies and regularly used to provide warning of road obstructions or hazards at road or utility construction sites.
IX. Such other vehicles as may be authorized by the director.

Source. 2008, 358:12, eff. Sept. 9, 2008.