Section 281-A:5

    281-A:5 Securing Payment of Compensation. –
An employer, or group or association of homogeneous employers, subject to this chapter shall secure compensation to employees in one of the following ways:
I. By insuring and keeping insured the payment of such compensation with a company licensed to write workers' compensation insurance in this state and filing with the commissioner, in a form prescribed by the commissioner, evidence of such coverage as the commissioner deems appropriate.
II. By insuring and keeping insured the payment of compensation to domestic employees with a company providing workers' compensation insurance in accordance with RSA 281-A:6.
III. By furnishing to the commissioner satisfactory proof of financial ability to pay compensation directly to an employee when due in the amounts and manner as provided in this chapter.
IV. In the case of employees of the state, compensation shall be made as provided in RSA 21-I:24 and RSA 21-I:25-a.

Source. 1988, 194:2. 1992, 43:4. 1994, 158:23, eff. May 23, 1994.