Section 287-D:6

    287-D:6 Charitable Organization License Application; Specific Requirements. –
I. In addition to the general requirements under RSA 287-D:5, a charitable organization license application shall include, at a minimum, the following information provided that the lottery commission may, by rule, establish additional items to be submitted on the application form or attached to it:
(a) The name of each bona fide member of the charitable organization who will participate in the operation of the games of chance who shall comply with the provisions of RSA 287-D:5.
(b) A list of the names and addresses of the current bona fide members of the charity.
(c) The name of the financial institution with at least one branch in New Hampshire and the corresponding bank account number for the account in which money from the game of chance will be deposited and withdrawn.
(d) If known, the date or dates and location or locations of each game of chance to be sponsored by the charity.
(e) The identity of the licensed primary game operator who will operate the games of chance for the charity, if applicable.
(f) The identity of the licensed facility at which the proposed games will be held, if applicable.
(g) The identity of the licensed game equipment dealer from whom the charitable organization is buying or renting any equipment, if applicable.
(h) Documentation of exemption from federal income tax.
(i) Proof that the religious, civic, fraternal, veterans', or charitable purposes for which it was organized, other than charitable gambling, are furthered through activities conducted in the state.
(j) Documentation of registration with the director of charitable trusts, if required under RSA 7:19 through RSA 7:32.
II. Applications shall be received by the lottery commission no fewer than 60 days before the first game date of the year. This requirement may be waived by the lottery commission for good cause shown.
III. In addition to the certifications under RSA 287-D:5, the applicant shall certify under oath that:
(a) Only bona fide members of the charitable organization or persons complying with the requirements of RSA 287-D:14, III, will operate the games of chance.
(b) The applicant or any member of the charitable organization who will be participating in the operation of the games of chance is aware of all statutes and rules applicable to the operation of games of chance.
IV. Only one license shall be issued to each applicant per year to operate games of chance for 10 days, which 10 days need not be consecutive.
V. Licenses shall expire on December 31.

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