Cemetery Trustees

Section 289:14

    289:14 Right of Way to Private Burial Ground. – Any person wishing to have a temporary right of entry over private land in order to enter a private burial ground enclosure to which there is no public right of way may apply in writing to the selectmen of a town or the mayor of a city stating the reason for such request, which may include the maintenance, repair, and preservation of the burial ground, and the period of time for which such right is to be exercised. The applicant shall also notify in writing the owner or occupier of the land over which the right of way is desired and obtain the written permission of the owner. The selectmen or mayor, in the exercise of discretion and in consultation with the cemetery trustees, may issue a permit for such temporary right of entry designating the particular place where the land may be crossed. The owner or occupier of the land may recommend the place of crossing which, if reasonable, shall be the place designated by the selectmen or mayor. The person exercising the right of entry shall complete the work on the cemetery and restore the right of way to its original condition, if it is disturbed.

Source. 1994, 318:2. 2011, 97:1, eff. Jan. 1, 2012.