Renewal of Charter

Section 292:29

    292:29 Disposition of Corporate Assets. –
I. Any corporation whose charter is repealed, revoked and annulled pursuant to this subdivision shall, nevertheless, continue as a body corporate for the term of 3 years from the date such charter is repealed, revoked and annulled for the purpose of presenting and defending suits by or against it and of closing and settling its concerns and distributing its assets, including the disposition and transfer of all corporate assets and property, subject to paragraphs II and III.
II. For the purpose of any suit or action by or against any such corporation, pending at the end of said term of 3 years, such corporation shall continue as a body corporate until 90 days after final judgment or decree in such suit or action.
III. The superior court may at any time when it shall be made to appear, upon the petition of any interested party, that the protection of proprietary or other rights requires the doing of any act or thing by or in behalf of any such corporation, order the doing of such acts or things, and for this purpose may appoint and authorize an agent to act for and in the name of such corporation, and any action so ordered and done shall be effective corporate action. The probate court shall have concurrent jurisdiction with the superior court to grant relief in the case of petitions involving charitable corporations brought under this section. The attorney general shall be notified and given an opportunity to be heard in all cases involving charitable corporations.
IV. All corporate assets and property are to be disposed of in accordance with the provisions for dissolution as set forth in the articles of agreement, the bylaws, and in accordance with RSA 292:8 and 292:9.

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