Licensing of Dogs

Section 466:11

    466:11 Records. –
I. Clerks of towns and cities shall keep a record of all licenses issued by them, with the names of the keepers or owners of dogs licensed, and the names, registered numbers and descriptions of all such dogs. Clerks of towns and cities shall furnish yearly to the local governing body a list of those owners who have failed to renew their license for use in preparing the warrant of unlicensed dogs.
II. With the owner's consent, a veterinarian may report the euthanizing or death during treatment of a licensed dog to the town or city clerk in order to have the record reflect that the dog was euthanized or died. A veterinarian providing such a report may also provide the town or city clerk with the mailing and street addresses of the owner of the dog. Written reports, if any, shall be destroyed after receipt by the town or city clerk, and any resulting record reflecting the dog's death shall not specify the manner or cause of death.

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