Adequate Education; Education Trust Fund

Section 198:42

    198:42 Distribution Schedule of Adequate Education Grants; Appropriation. –
I. The adequate education grant determined in RSA 198:41 shall be distributed to each municipality's school district or districts from the education trust fund in 4 payments of 20 percent on September 1, 20 percent on November 1, 30 percent on January 1, and 30 percent on April 1 of each school year; provided that for a dependent school district, the grant determined in RSA 198:41 shall be distributed to the municipality, which shall appropriate and transfer the grant funds to its dependent school department.
II. For the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2005, and every fiscal year thereafter, the amount necessary to fund the grants under RSA 198:41 is hereby appropriated to the department from the education trust fund created under RSA 198:39. The governor is authorized to draw a warrant from the education trust fund to satisfy the state's obligation under this section. Such warrant for payment shall be issued regardless of the balance of funds available in the education trust fund. If the balance in the education trust fund, after the issuance of any such warrant, is less than zero, the comptroller shall transfer sufficient funds from the general fund to eliminate such deficit. The commissioner of the department of administrative services shall inform the fiscal committee and the governor and council of such balance. This reporting shall not in any way prohibit or delay the distribution of adequate education grants.
III. The department of education shall certify the amount of each grant to the state treasurer and direct the payment thereof to the school district or municipality.

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