Head Injury Policies for Student Sports

Section 200:52

    200:52 Definitions. –
As used in this subdivision:
I. " Health care provider " means a person who is licensed, certified, or otherwise statutorily authorized by the state to provide medical treatment and is trained in the evaluation and management of concussions.
II. " School property " means school property as defined in RSA 193-D:1, V.
III. " Student-athlete " means a student involved in any intramural sports program conducted outside the regular teaching day or competitive student sports program between schools in grades 4-12.
IV. " Student sports " means intramural sports programs conducted outside the regular teaching day for students in grades 4-12 or competitive athletic programs between schools for students in grades 4-12.
V. " Head injury " means injuries to the scalp, skull, or brain caused by trauma, and shall include a concussion which is the most common type of sports-related brain injury.

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