Pursuant to 2008, 339:1, effective 7-1-08, the Board of Home Inspectors was established with rulemaking authority pursuant to RSA 310-A:187.



#9503*       Adopt Home 100 Organizational Rules (eff 7-8-09) DO NOT EXPIRE


#9504*       Adopt Home 201-216 Rules Regarding Practice and Procedure (eff 7-8-09)


#9505*       Adopt Home 217 Explanation After Adoption (eff 7-8-09) 8-Year Rule


#9506*       Adopt Home 300-700 Rules Regarding Applications and Qualifications for Licensure, Fees, Renewals, Continuing Education, and Ethical Standards and Standards of Conduct (eff 7-8-09)


#12462*     Adopt, Readopt Home 103.07 & 217 Office Hours, Office Location, Mailing Address and Telephone; Explanation After Adoption (eff 1-23-18) DO NOT EXPIRE


#12463*     Readopt, Readopt w/Amend Home 300-700 Licensure Requirements; Continued Status; Ethical Standards and Professional Conduct; Standards of Practice; Voluntary License Surrender (eff 1-23-18)