(in the Department of Regional Community-Technical Colleges)


#71 S         Training Standards Number 1-3; ss by #1534


#926 S       Rule PSTC #4,5,6 and 7 relative to full-time police officers (eff 4-5-77) ss by #1534


#1534        Rules relative to Governing Police Training and Standards Council relative to organization, procedures, qualifications and certificates and documents (eff 2-17-80) ss #71 and #926


#1603        Amend Doc #1534 by adding Section Pol 402.06 entitled Requirements of Railroad Police (eff 7-3-80)


#1988        Police Training & Standards Council rules readopted and amended Pol 100-600 (eff 3-25-82)


#2414        Amend Pol 101.09 definition of a "Full-time police officer" (eff 7-4-83)


#2702(E)    Readoption of all rules Pol 100-600 (eff 5-8-84)


#2783        Readopt Pol 100-600 w/amendments (eff 7-27-84)


#4437        Readopt w/amd Pol 100-800 Police Standards & Training Council Rules (eff 6-22-88)


#4566        Declaratory Ruling on a petition by Laconia Police Department re: Animal Control Officer (eff 11/29/89)


#4602        Declaratory Ruling re: Pol 801.03 "firearms test" and the passing test score of 100% (eff 4/24/89)


#4683        Declaratory Ruling:  Re: Part-time dispatcher (police) duty doesn't count towards 1300 hours for retirement (eff 9-26-89)


#5230        Declaratory Ruling:  Pol 402.02(a)(10) Hours of Part-Time Police Officers (eff 9/27/91)


#5476        Declaratory Ruling:  Pol 302.16 Chief of Cornish Police Dept. Separate Duties Not Included with Part-Time Police Officer Hours (eff 7-28-92)


#5484        Declaratory Ruling:  Moultonborough Prosecutor Part-time Police Officer solely can Sign Court Complaints and Prosecute Cases, He shall not be Required to Attend a Police Training Course (eff 10-6-92)


#5731        Declaratory Ruling:  A paralegal appointed as a Special Police Officer by the Portsmouth Police Department for the sole and limited purpose of appearing in District Court on behalf of the Portsmouth Police Department and the City of Portsmouth, and who has not been given powers of arrest and does not carry a firearm, shall be exempt from the training requirements of Council rules Pol 302.05, 404.04, 404.06 and the limitation of hours requirement of rule Pol 302.16 (eff 10-26-93)


#5836*      Readopt w/amendments Pol 100-800  Police Standards and Training Council Rules (eff 6-15-94)


#5997*      Readopt w/amd Pol 301.01  Part-time Police Officer Educational Requirements (eff 3-4-95)


#6400-A    Declaratory Ruling:  Based upon the provisions of Pol 301.23, an officer for the Hampton Police Department returning to full-time duty would not be required to pass the Council's physical agility test as a condition of attending the recertification courses and regaining full-time police certification since (1) he had graduated from the NH Police Academy and had been certified as a full-time officer, (2) he had subsequently converted his certification to part-time, (3) he was required to take only academic courses to regain full-time certification, (4) he had no lapse in police service and (5) his hiring authority attested from first-hand observation and experience to his ability to perform the physically demanding parts of police work (eff 11-26-96)


#7301*      Readopt w/amd Pol 100 Organizational Rules (eff 6-8-00)


#7302*      Readopt w/amd Pol 200-600 Rules of Training and Certification of the NH Police Standards and Training Council (eff 6-8-00)


#7967*      Amend Pol 301.05(g)(8) Drug Sale Prohibition (eff 9-26-03)


#8457*      Amend Pol 404.06(b) Medical Suitability for Physical Fitness Training (eff 10-28-05)


#8925*      Adopt, Readopt, Readopt w/Amend Pol 101.27, 101.37-101.42 Organizational Rule Revisions (eff 7-1-07) DO NOT EXPIRE


#8926*      Amend Pol 404.03(l)-(o) Law Enforcement Officers' Safety Act of 2004 (eff 7-1-07)


#9077*      Readopt w/Amend Pol 101.14 Organizational Rule Revision (eff 1-25-08) DO NOT EXPIRE


#9078*      Amend Pol 301.06(a) Form A Filing Deadline (eff 1-25-08)


#9167*      INTERIM RULE - Readopt Pol 200 Rules of Practice and Procedure (eff 6-3-08)
EXPIRES: 11-30-08


#9168*      INTERIM RULE – Readopt Pol 300-600 Application and Qualifications, Continued Status, Ethical Standards and Training Approval (eff 6-3-08) EXPIRES: 11-30-08


#9222*      Readopt w/Amend Pol 101.05, 101.14, 101.15, 101.17, 101.24, 101.25, 101.30, 101.35, 102.02 & 103.01 Organizational Rule Revisions (eff 8-1-08) DO NOT EXPIRE


#9223-A*   Readopt w/Amend Pol 201-208, & 210 Rules of Practice and Procedure Readoption and Revision (eff 8-1-08) DO NOT EXPIRE


#9223-B*   Readopt w/ Amend Pol 209 Explanation of Adopted Rules (eff 8-1-08)


#9224*      Readopt, Readopt w/Amend Pol 300-600 Application and Qualifications, Continued Status, Ethical Standards and Training Approval (eff 8-1-08)


#9400*      Amend, Repeal, Readopt Pol 301.04 intro. & (a), 301.07, & 301.08 Physical Examination (eff 2-27-09)

#9686*      Readopt w/Amend Pol 401.01 Lapse in Service (eff 3-25-10)


#9827        VOID - Readopt w/Amend Pol 402.02 Revocation or Suspension (eff 11-30-10)
(VOIDED as full text wasn't filed in Final Proposal.  Final Proposal refiled 1/31/11)


#9896*      Readopt w/Amend Pol 402.02 Revocation or Suspension (eff 3/26/11)


#10048*     Adopt, Readopt Pol 302.14 & 302.15 Rules for Legislative Security Staff (eff 12-20-11)


#10049*     Readopt w/Amend Pol 404.05 Firearms Instructor Qualifications (eff 12-20-11)


#10126*     Repeal, Readopt w/Amend Pol 302.01 & 302.02 Police, Corrections and Probation/Parole Basic Training Programs (eff 7-1-12)


#10158-A   DECLARATORY RULING - Previously certified corrections officers who do not pass the physical fitness test at the required three-year intervals [pursuant to RSA 188-F:27, III-f], and who subsequently have their certification suspended by the Council because of that failure, shall not be allowed to return to trainee status and perform the work of a corrections officer trainee until they regain certification (eff 4-24-12)


#10352*     Readopt w/Amend Pol 402.02 Police, Corrections or Probation/Parole Officers (eff 6-4-13)*


#10353*     Readopt w/Amend Pol 404.07 Suspension for Failure to Pass Physical Fitness Requirements (eff 6-4-13)


#10496*     Readopt w/Amend Pol 301.06 Hiring Authority to Notify Council (eff 1-1-14)


#10734*     Readopt w/Amend Pol 501.01 Report of Arrests (eff 1-1-15)


#10780*     Readopt w/Amend Pol 404.03 Firearms Training Requirement (eff 3-1-15)


#10781*     Readopt w/Amend Pol 404.04 Annual Certification (eff 3-1-15)


#11196*     Readopt w/Amend Pol 101.22, 101.24, 102.02 Organizational Rules Revisions (eff 10-7-16) DO NOT EXPIRE


#11197*     Readopt Pol 209.01 & 209.02 Explanation of Adopted Rules (eff 10-7-16) DO NOT EXPIRE


#12041*     Readopt, Readopt w/Amend Pol 300-600 Application and Qualification, Continued Status, Ethical Standards and Training Approval (eff 11-16-16)


#12078      DECLARATORY RULING - Pol 301.05, 301.06(c), and Pol 602.01.  Concerning whether the original employment status notification form, and any subsequent employee status notification forms and related documents, submitted to the Council regarding the Petitioner, should be accessible to any agency conducting a pre-employment background investigation to assure any hiring decision is based on complete and accurate information (eff 12-28-16)


#12722*     Readopt w/Amend Pol 302.01 Training Required (eff 1-29-19)


#12734      Readopt w/amd Form D Pol.04 Revision to PSTC Form D “Report of Medical History” (eff 2-27-19)


#12986      Readopt w/Amend Pol 102.06 Quorum of the Council (eff 2-1-20) DO NOT EXPIRE


#13025      EMERGENCY RULE – Readopt w/Amend Pol 302.11 Emergency Exception for Part-Time Officer Hours (eff 4-9-20) EXPIRES: 10-6-20


#13375      Readopt w/Amend Pol 403.01 Annual In-Service Training (eff 4-27-22)