The New Hampshire

State Senate

Senate Staff

Office of the Senate President

State House Room 302, (603) 271-2111
Debra Vanderbeek, Chief of Staff
Grant Bosse, Deputy Chief of Staff
Rick Lehmann, Senate Legal Counsel
Maya Harvey, Communications Director
Marie Marston, Executive Assistant
Morine Powell, Administrative Assistant

Senate Majority Office

State House Room 302 SH, (603) 271-2111
Kate Lipman, Majority Policy Director
Daley Frenette, Majority Caucus Director

Senate Minority Office

State House Room 120, (603) 271-3207
Jennifer Horgan, Minority Policy Director
Ava Hawkes, Minority Caucus Director
Jennifer Gallagher, Executive Assistant

Senate Clerk’s Office

State House Senate Chamber, (603) 271-3420


Tammy Wright, Senate Clerk
Ann Knapp, Calendar Clerk
Jack Mullen, Journal Clerk
Herb Turner, Bill Status Clerk
Gardner Berry, Senate Recorder/Office Aide
Molly DeAcetis, Assistant to the Senate Clerk's Office
Mike Allard, Senate Sergeant-At-Arms
Chad Gamache, Senate Sergeant-At-Arms
Roger C. Brooks, Senate Doorkeeper

Senate Research Office

Legislative Office Building Room 401, (603) 271-2351

This office does not conduct research for the general public.

Patrick Murphy, Researcher

Senate Administrative Assistants

Jessica Bourque, Room 102, LOB; (603) 271-3092
Kathy Cummings, Room 107, SH; (603) 271-8631

Senate Legislative Aides

Sonja Caldwell, Director of Committee Services - Ways & Means, Room 100, SH; (603) 271-2117
Kevin Condict, Capital Budget, Rules and Enrolled Bills; (603) 271-3469
Phillip Jasak, Executive Departments & Administration, Room 103, SH; (603) 271-1403
Aaron Jones, Commerce, Room 100, SH; (603) 271-2609
Cameron Lapine, Health & Human Services, Room 101, LOB; (603) 271-2104
Nikolas Liamos, Energy & Natural Resources, Room 103, SH; (603) 271-7875
Deb Martone, Finance, Room 103, SH; (603) 271-4980
Tricia Melillo, Election Law & Municipal, Room 103, LOB; (603) 271-3077
Peter Mulvey, Education, Room 101, LOB; (603) 271-4063
Peter O'Neill, Transportation, Room 101, LOB; (603) 271-4151
Matthew Schelzi, Judiciary, Room 100, SH; (603) 271-3266