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State House Room 302
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New Hampshire Senate Media Policy (PDF Version)

January 2022 Posted
Sen. Carson statement on public safety benefits of bi-partisan SB 292 1/26/2022
Sen. Avard bi-partisan bill increases support for respite services for people caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s (SB 414) 1/26/2022
Sen. Carson sponsors legislation in response to Harmony Montgomery case 1/26/2022
Sen. Gray statement on SB 425 and SB 427concerning proposed changes to NH voting laws 1/24/2022
Sen. Ricciardi statement on SB 286 – Establishing a pilot program to lower health insurance costs for small and midsize businesses 1/19/2022
Sen. Bradley statement on SB 294 – Ensuring violent criminals do not automatically qualify for bail 1/18/2022
Sen. Bradley statement on SB 274 – making bidding process on state construction contracts more competitive 1/18/2022
December 2021 Posted
Statement by Sen. Gray regarding Redistricting Amendments 12/29/2021
Republican budget delivers major tax relief for NH communities 12/27/2021
Statement by Senate President on the death of former Safety Commissioner Dick Flynn 12/22/2021
September 2021 Posted
Statement by Senate President Morse regarding Executive Council Meeting on Sept. 29 9/29/2021
Oppose DC Mandates? 9/17/2021
Senate Republicans to NH’s DC Delegation: Stand up to Biden Administration Mandates that harm our state 9/17/2021
August 2021 Posted
Senator Avard applauds signing of net metering bill 8/26/2021
New law making modifications on Lucky 7 games will benefitcharities 8/25/2021
Sen. Morse amendment to fund local PFAS clean-up projects becomes law 8/24/2021
SB 86 will protect consumers right to choose energy products 8/24/2021
New law will treat houses of worship the same as other essential services during an emergency 8/11/2021
New law making modifications on Lucky 7 games will benefitcharities 8/11/2021
New law clarifies driver’s rights to refuse a warrantless search of their vehicles 8/11/2021
New law will expand access to broadband 8/11/2021
Senate bill signed into law helps small businesses keep more of their earnings with BPT change 8/11/2021
New law makes it easier for out-of-state utility workers to help during NH disasters 8/11/2021
New law brings fairness to State Police tow truck selection lists 8/11/2021
Senate omnibus bill updating rules for several licensing boards now law 8/11/2021
New law will make NH school children safer 8/11/2021
New law will make NH student-athletes safer 8/11/2021
SB 18 will allow for liquor samples at farmers’ market 8/3/2021
Commissions to study PTSD in first responders and Grandfamilies in NH will continue their work 8/3/2021
Republican bills supporting voting rights and fair elections signed into law 8/2/2021
Charity gaming rules clarified with bi-partisan Senate Bill 8/2/2021
Senate bill protecting private data under state’s drug monitoring program signed into law 8/2/2021
Commission created to study state building and fire codes 8/2/2021
July 2021 Posted
SB 120 will bring more medical care to NH Veterans 7/26/2021
Sen. Bradley statement on SB155 being signed into law 7/9/2021
June 2021 Posted
House and Senate reach budget deal 6/17/2021
Senate passes a balanced budget for all of NH 6/3/2021
Senate passes Capital Budget for FY22-FY23 6/3/2021
May 2021 Posted
Finance Committee passes Balanced Budget 5/28/2021
Senate Republicans strengthen state's anti-discrimination laws 5/27/2021
Senate GOP protects religious worship during emergencies 5/27/2021
April 2021 Posted
Senate Schedule for On-Line Public Hearings on the State Budget 4/30/2021
Sen. Bradley testifies in support of SB3 - We will not tax PPP Money 4/27/2021
Senate concurs with House on remedy for Windham voting discrepancies 4/8/2021
Republicans support small business, reject government mandates 4/1/2021
Republicans vote to support Second Amendment rights 4/1/2021
Senate passes bill streamlining the gun background check system 4/1/2021
Senate votes to remove Merrimack Tolls at Exit 10 4/1/2021
March 2021 Posted
Senate supports increased broadband access 3/25/2021
Senate improves process for background checks on handgun purchases 3/18/2021
Senate passes SB 3, protects Main Street businesses from paying BET/BPT tax on PPP money 3/18/2021
Senate supports recommendations for criminal and judicial reforms 3/18/2021
Senate votes bi-partisan support for safe streets, passes SB92 3/18/2021
Senate supports COVID-19 measures 3/18/2021
Senate passes SB52, Helps Nashua taxpayers by reinforcing spending caps in Nashua 3/18/2021
Republicans reject education funding scheme creating donor towns 3/18/2021
Republicans vote to pass SB130, Gives parents the ability to choose the schools right for their children 3/18/2021
Republicans vote to support small business and jobs 3/18/2021
Senate pushes the building of Exit4A off I-93 3/18/2021
Senate passes bill to help New Hampshire small businesses 3/11/2021
Senate votes for property tax relief 3/11/2021
Bradley bill helps restaurant industry battered by the pandemic 3/9/2021
Ways & Means Committee passes SB3 to help Main Street businesses hurt by the pandemic 3/8/2021
Statement by Senate President Morse on the swearing in of Gordon MacDonald as Chief Justice 3/4/2021
Senate votes to protect voter integrity with SB54 3/4/2021
Statement by Senate President Morse on SB63, regarding business liability protections related to COVID being re-referred to committee 3/4/2021
Bill establishing fund to increase broadband access across NH passes Senate 3/4/2021
Republicans vote to support safety in schools 3/4/2021
Senate backs bill supporting affordable housing 3/4/2021
Senate Republicans: Property tax relief a top priority 3/4/2021
Bill supporting mental health services for children passes Senate 3/4/2021
Transportation Committee hears Sen. Birdsell bill to complete Exit 4A on I-93 3/3/2021
Senate committee hears bill supporting school choice 3/2/2021
Sen. Ricciardi property tax relief bill gets green light from Ways & Means 3/1/2021
Birdsell bill supports Derry economic development and benefits Derry property taxpayers 3/1/2021
February 2021 Posted
Senate passes bill requiring reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees 2/18/2021
Bill providing educational aid to local communities impacted by COVID-19 and property tax relief passes the Senate 2/18/2021
Senate President Morse statement on Governor's Budget Address 2/11/2021
Senate passes Right-to-Work bill 2/11/2021
Sen. Hennessey introduces legislation to provide educational aid to local communities impacted by COVID-19 2/9/2021
Sen. Bradley continues his support for clean water projects with SB127 2/9/2021
Sen. Ricciardi testifies on SB 99 before the Senate Ways & Means Committee 2/8/2021
Release - Senate Ways & Means Committee holds hearing on SB 3 clarifying state tax treatment of Paycheck Protection Program monies 2/8/2021
Release - Bill fixing Kindergarten funding passes Senate 2/4/2021
Release - Senate Judiciary takes up criminal justice reform bills 2/2/2021
Release - Senate Republicans move to protect NH businesses from state tax on PPP loans 2/2/2021
Release - Commerce Committee votes to advance Right-to-Work bill 2/1/2021
Release - Sen. Bradley bill will increase broadband access in NH 2/1/2021
Release - Senate President introduces bill to help Main Street businesses 2/1/2021
January 2021 Posted
Release - Senate Republicans announce Action Agenda for 2021 1/21/2021
Release - Rebuilding a Stronger NH - A Republican Action Agenda for 2021 1/21/2021
Release - EDA and Ways Means meet 1/13/2021
Release - Ed and Judiciary meet 1/12/2021
Release - Senate holds first on line hearings 1/11/2021
Release - Senate passes bipartisan voting bill 1/6/2021
December 2020 Posted
Senate Rules Committee votes to consolidate bills for 2021 12/21/2020
Release - Sen Bradley named Majority Leader 12/18/2020
Release - COVID-19 testing for legislators and staff on 12-12-20 12/11/2020
Release - Senate Republicans vote accept federal charter school grant 12/11/2020
Release - House and Senate Joint statement 12/10/2020
Release - Sen Morse statement on the passing of Speaker Hinch 12/10/2020
Senate Republicans announce Fiscal Committee will take up $46M federal charter school grant 12/9/2020
Senate President Morse announces committee assignments President Pro Tempore and senior staff 12/9/2020
Morse elected Senate President 12/9/2020