Tour reservations are for groups of 10 or more. For all others, please stop in to the Visitor's Center between 8:15am and 3:15pm to see if a docent is available. Self-guided tours are always available for individuals or groups less than 10.
Share this information with ALL adults who will be touring the State House *Also please note we now have Granite State Ambassadors assisting with tours.
  • Please be advised that the State House does not have mandatory mask requirements. Every attempt will be made to adhere to social distancing protocols during State House tours.
  • ARRIVE ON TIME: We schedule many groups each day and ask that you plan to arrive and leave at your scheduled times. (Tours are generally ONE HOUR.) IF you are going to be more than 10 minutes early or late, NOTIFY the Visitor Center @ 271-2154.
  • Arrival: Do not bring group into the building until someone from the Visitor Center has been notified of your arrival. (This is a security precaution.)
  • Groups will enter the front doors which open into the historic Hall of Flags. This room is a memorial hall and is also located near committee hearing rooms. It is important that groups are aware there may be meetings in these rooms and not interfere with legislative business.
  • NO BACKPACKS Please! (If your group is bringing lunches we will store them in the Visitor Center).
  • No food, drink or gum unless medically necessary.
  • The State House is a working building. Prior to your visit, remind students that state officials and staff are working and to use "whispers."
  • Appropriate attire is appreciated. Students should be encouraged to dress up for their special visit, but not required.
  • Remove hats inside the building, please. Notify your tour guide of any special requests.
  • Cameras: We ask that only adults use cameras. We have had many problems with students using iPads, cell phones and cameras.
  • Bathrooms are available but must be supervised. If your students need the restroom before the tour begins, notify us right away and we will organize a bathroom break. Note that there are offices around each restroom and we need to know at all times where our students are located.
  • Chaperones are welcome but should be informed that we travel as one large group and prefer that they do not try to separate the students into groups during the tour. We ask that you limit the number of chaperones to 4 per class. (Remind adults that the rules regarding food, drink and hats apply to them too.)
  • Senators & Representatives are notified of your visit in the House and Senate Calendars. Please note that legislators often try to meet the students, which is another important factor in arrival time. Information on your legislators may be found on our General Court of New Hampshire Website.
  • The Governor's Office is included in the tour and if the Governor's schedule permits, he often tries to meet groups. Please do NOT tell your students they will be seeing him as schedules fluctuate and do not always allow him the ability to meet the groups. We would rather have groups surprised than disappointed.
  • Events at the State House are frequent and can often change the focus of your tour. Rallies, political events, legislative session, press conferences, bill signings, and other activities may be scheduled on the date of your tour. We will work around those events or even include them in your tour if appropriate. Please note that there are times that the legislative or executive chambers may be unavailable to the public.
  • Any questions or concerns, please email: Virginia Drew, Director or call (603) 271-2154.
  • We have a gift shop that carries a variety of items students may enjoy. If you wish to have your group visit the gift shop, you must make prior arrangements. We are now offering an opportunity for classes to pre-order items! You may also now visit ouronline gift shop.