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  • RSA search box will search the entire RSA except for the source notes.
  • To search for cat AND dog, the syntax is cat & dog
  • To search for cat OR dog, the syntax is cat && dog
  • Searching for a phrase will return only exact matches - cat and dog will return anything with "cat and dog"
  • Adding an * at the end of a word acts as a wildcard - tax* will include all words with tax as the first 3 letters
  • Checking the 'All Forms of Word' check box will search for all the forms of a word - tax would search for taxes, taxed, taxing, tax
  • When using the filters, the OR operator is a comma.  If you wanted to search with Title '10' and Title '30', you would type in the Title box 10,30
  • To use AND NOT type &!.  cat &! dog will return everything with cat that also does not have dog in it.